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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY

Actual Patient’s Testimonials

Dr. Taranow is amazing; he’s just such a great doctor. He’s patient, understanding, listens to your concerns, gives great advice and is always there when you need to talk. I highly recommend him to all my friends. I guarantee all of his work, I’m already planning another procedure in the near future. Overall he is the BEST!!

Lynn S.

Dr. Taranow performed my breast augmentation, I went from a small A cup to a small C cup. Everything came out perfect!!!!! My results have honestly exceeded my expectations!! My breasts look natural and amazing. I’m so thrilled!! Dr. Taranow listened to exactly what I wanted for overall look, size and profile type. He was great with giving clinical recommendations that ended up in perfect results! He spent lots of time with me my during my initial consult and afterward if I had questions I was able to get a hold of him directly by calling the office (no waiting time). After my surgery, he gave me his personal cell number to contact him with any questions which I consider above and beyond. Overall, Dr. Taranow was very energetic and thorough from beginning to end!

Penelope B.

Dr. Taranow is truly an artist and a master at his practice. I would not let any other surgeon electively operate on my body. I’ve done a ton of research and went to several doctors before settling for Dr. Taranow. I went to see him with my concerns in 2010 and he took a significant amount of time to explain the procedure. I then decided to visit him a few more times to further discuss the surgery. He showed me the various implant options. Without hesitation, I made the perfect choice and I have recommended him to many of my friends. Dr. Taranow is the best plastic surgeon in NYC!!

Pamela F.

Long time no see! I hope you’re doing well. I had a fantastic vacation and wanted to say thank you… It was the first time in my life that I was comfortable enough to go to the beach topless and feel really good about myself or wear some tops that I never would have before. It is a great feeling, so thank you Doc’!

Maria L.

Dr. Taranow was very clear and straightforward and very realistic about what could and couldn’t be accomplished in my case. He told me it was iffy whether or not we could pull the muscle in but we would try (the other goals he felt more certain about). His surgery went well. Dr. Taranow was always very responsive and responsible and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Taranow for any abdominal or breast work you wanted done.

Mel S.

I got a botched tummy tuck and liposuction in Florida a few years ago. My belly had so much extra skin after the surgery and the scar was unsightly. I was referred to Dr. T by several friends that had amazing work done by him. I decided to go pay him a visit. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! He made me look I was when I was 23 yrs old again. I had a revision abdominoplasty and liposuction. I look and feel amazing. His whole staff was awesome! I also had some fillers done on my face and it looks so natural and beautiful. I feel like a young woman again. Thank you so much!

Janet L.

I had horrible huge breast implants with capsular contracture., I was so depressed and self conscious until I met Dr. Taranow. Dr Taranow gave me a mini lift with implants on my breast and liposuction on my triceps and upper back. He literally removed all the fat. I look great, Dr Taranow did an awesome job. The scarring is minimal and I didn’t have any pain. I also got filler injections on my face and I look fab. It was worth every dollar. My breasts look soft and natural and are a perfect size. He answered all my questions and is very down to earth. His staff is great too. Everybody is friendly and nice. I had my post op after Mother’s Day and he was kind enough to remember and gave me white roses. I can’t say enough about him. He’s a great doctor.

Margaret A.

Dr. T changed my life; I had a child at the age of 43, my first. I have never been a size 16 I looked horrible, I decided it was time to do something. I had liposuction done below my breasts, waist, upper stomach, the outer thighs, hips, and below my chin. I look about 15 years younger, and I am wearing a size 8, 6 moths after surgery. I did lose weight after the procedure; however, even with the loss I would never look the way I do now. Dr T is great, his staff is very nice and I would recommend him in a New York minute.

Lena V.

I had a breast augmentation a few weeks ago by Dr. Taranow, and I couldn’t be happier. They look PERFECT! I’m an athlete and compete in bodybuilding/figure shows, so I was very picky because I wanted someone who really knew how to give me the look I was going for. I had been wanting to do this for two years, but I was just too scared because the work I saw from other surgeons were just OK. A girlfriend of mine, who is also an athlete, got hers done and they looked so amazing that I had to find out who was her surgeon. She referred me to Dr Taranow, and the rest is history. I had a few consultations with him, and what won me over is his honesty about what would be best for my body type and lifestyle, his level of experience, and the overall service provided by him and his staff. Everyone in his office is friendly and welcoming with an awesome sense of humor. I already have four other girlfriends who saw his work on me and scheduled their consultations. He’s definitely worth it!

Teresa H.

I was looking for breast implants and consulted different doctors prior to my initial surgery, I felt like most were trying to sell me products. Dr. Taranow was different. Unfortunately I initially went with another doctor and I was unhappy with the proportion of the implants to my body size, as well as other cosmetic issues. Dr Taranow was able to do an amazing job fixing the mistakes of the previous surgeon, all with the highest level of professional care and concern as if I had been his patient all along. I finally got what I had hoped for all along. They look natural, they fit my little figure and they’re cute and perky. I was worried about scarring because I have a porcelain complexion and little color in my areola. Prior to the surgery we came up with a plan to later use a laser to remove the pigment from the scars should I feel it necessary. Patient, kind, attentive & a very skilled surgeon. The experience that I had with my first surgery and my second are like night and day.

Paula G.

I recently had two separate procedures with Dr. Douglas Taranow. The first was liposuction of my legs and sides. Most recently (three months later), I just had a tummy tuck, together with liposuction of my upper back, arms, hips and inner knees. I am very happy with the results. Dr. Taranow is a perfectionist and an amazing surgeon. He is also very candid. He told me what I could expect after each surgery – and the results far exceeded my expectations. I found Dr. Taranow through a friend who used him years ago and then I did the research online. His site was extremely informative and I felt I knew him before our first consulation. Dr. Taranow and his staff are warm and compassionate. He gave me a lot of information before the procedures regarding the likely outcomes. I would recommend if you decide to have any plastic surgery you then go online to check out blogs of people who have done that procedure for good post surgery advice. Go for it – I am so glad I did.

Michelle C.

My friend recommended me to Dr. Taranow; I searched for many good doctors specializing in breast augmentation. After meeting with Dr. Taranow I decided to have my breast augmentation surgery. It’s been a month since my surgery and I could not be happier!! The surgery went excellent and my breast look amazing!! I recovered perfectly in 2 days, I was able to go back to work. After my son was born my breast needed a little perkiness and now I have it better than ever!! I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Tranow; he’s not only an amazing surgeon, but the sweetest person ever! His staff is excellent and made me feel extremely comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for better results! Definitely a 5!

Sarah J.