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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY

The Clareon Pulsed Light System is a state-of-the-art system designed to rejuvenate your skin and reduce and remove blemishes and discoloration. Dr. Taranow utilizes this technology to bring his patients the best, most advanced option available for minimally invasive skin treatments.

How Does It Stand Apart?

Standard IPL (intense pulsed light) systems use a handheld device to deliver broad-spectrum wavelengths of light to problem areas of the skin. Dr. Taranow’s use of the Clareon Pulsed Light System is a step ahead of this older technology. Where most other IPL systems treat individual conditions, the Clareon System provides treatments for most skin conditions. It contains several filters to create the different wavelengths needed for treating multiple skin types.

Additionally, the Clareon Pulsed Light System uses a patented Krypton flashlamp that provides excellent light output and decreases the risk of patient burns and ineffective treatments. The Krypton lamp also has superior depth penetration. This allows Dr. Taranow to fix more of your problem areas with an increased level of safety, greater efficacy, and more comfort.

Candidates Can Experience

Skin Rejuvenation

You can improve the look of your skin and treat conditions such as age spots, sun damage, and wrinkles. It can also reduce pigmentation differences that stand out.

Acne Reduction

You are an ideal candidate if you struggle with mild to moderate acne.

Vascular Removal

If you struggle with conditions related to your blood vessels, the Clareon System can help remove veins, angiomas, and also treat conditions such as rosacea

Hair Removal

The Clareon System is more effective at hair removal for all hair and skin types.

Skin Tightening

If you have concerns about loose skin, the Clareon Pulsed Light System can tighten skin using heat-induced collagen shrinkage and texture smoothing.

The Procedure

Dr. Taranow will use one of the Clareon handheld devices to target the specific areas of your skin that you desire to fix. During this process, your eyes will be shielded from the wavelengths of light. Your skin may feel different as the device emits a burst of light to penetrate into your skin. In clinical studies, patients compared this feeling of mild discomfort to a rubber band slapping their skin. The length of time needed for the procedure will vary depending on the area you are targeting and the condition you are correcting.


Since the Clareon Pulsed Light System is a non-invasive procedure, it does not require any downtime post-treatment. You can resume your regular activities soon after your procedure.

Ready for your new look?

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You will begin to notice a positive change in the appearance of your skin after one visit. However, depending on the severity of what you are treating, multiple sessions may be required. Most procedures require at least three treatments to obtain the desired result. Hair removal can take up to approximately six treatments, though this is dependent on each patient’s individual situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for the Clareon Pulsed Light System?

Ideal candidates for the Clareon Pulsed Light System must be in good health and have realistic expectations regarding their treatment. You will also be asked to quit drinking and smoking a few weeks before your session.

Are there any risks and side effects involved with my treatment?

Although the Clareon Pulsed Light System is a safe, non-invasive treatment, there are some temporary risks and side effects involved. These include skin redness, skin sensitivity, bruising, and blisters.