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Posted January 15, 2019 in Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Currently, more and more modern-day men are choosing to go under the knife for cosmetic reasons. At first glance, the increase in male cosmetic surgery may seem like an oddity, especially with common cultural associations of plastic surgery being for women. On further examination, it is clear why this trend will not only continue to increase but will indeed become a common mainstream practice. A better understanding of why men are getting more cosmetic procedures can be obtained by looking at what types of corrective methods they are choosing. We can also gather more insight by exploring the socio-economic and cultural reasons for a renewed interest in cosmetic surgery among the male population. Accordingly, more men may want to reconsider their stance on cosmetic surgery as the ever-changing attitudes of the world continue to evolve.

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What Is Popular?

There are many popular procedures amongst male patients these days, but two of the most requested treatments are liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries. Liposuction involves the removal of stubborn fat deposits and a tummy tuck is a standard procedure used to remove excess tissue around the belly and torso. The popularity of these procedures indicates that men desire to look slimmer and more fit. Additionally, many male patients want to look younger and healthier as the effects of aging become apparent.

The desire to maintain a lean and youthful look makes sense in a media-driven world where men are inundated with images of superheroes and star athletes as the ideal male body shape. Men want and need to live up to what they think is expected of them. If all of their idols are the most prime specimens of the human species, then men will take action to obtain an ideal body. The increased emphasis on meeting high expectations is exacerbated even further due to the prevalence of social media and the fact that every moment is photographed. People see themselves in pictures more than any other point in history. The result is an acute awareness of one’s appearance.

Motivating Factors

The desire to look younger, to meet the high expectations of contemporary style and a need to improve a public image are the key reasons why more men are electing to undergo cosmetic surgery. These reasons all point to the central purpose that motivates most men to choose to enhance their appearance, and that is competition. It is no secret that those who are perceived to be better looking are also paid more on average and have greater social success. With the heavy influence that social media can have on the daily life of men, it could be a necessity for men to keep their very best appearance to survive in our intensely competitive environment. Wealth, success, and love are all dependent, in part, on having the best aesthetic possible. There isn’t any other way to cut above the noise of our new techno-centric culture. If you haven’t ever considered cosmetic surgery, you might want to think about it.

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The Different Considerations for Men and Women

It is clear that both men and women want to improve their bodies with plastic surgery, but there are several differences in their motivations and desired outcomes. Doctors must take these differences into careful consideration when performing cosmetic surgery for men and women.

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Common Considerations

Before exploring the differences in cosmetic surgery between the sexes, there are several commonalities for men and women. These common desires and goals include:

  • Symmetry: A balanced symmetry in appearance offers the best aesthetic for both men and women. Patients want their bodies to have balance from left to right.
  • Improved appearance: The goal of cosmetic surgery is to enhance the patient’s aesthetic.
  • Confidence: Many patients, both male and female, wish to regain a sense of confidence.
  • Health: Both men and women need to be in good overall health before utilizing cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance.

Considerations for Men

In general, most men seek to maximize their masculinity with a desire to achieve an athletic look that is popular in film and sports. There are many considerations for men’s cosmetic procedures, including:

  • Skin type: Men have thicker skin with larger pores and more oil production. The natural qualities of their skin make male body types more prone to acne, but less likely to experience dryness.
  • Body proportion: Men generally look best when their shoulders are more substantial than their hips and when certain proportions are accentuated to create a V-shaped frame.
  • Body shape: Most men prefer to project strength. The emphasis on strength and athleticism translates into low body fat, larger muscles, and a defined silhouette with a more squared shape.
  • Chest: Males usually opt for a bust with minimal fat. Skin tissue is preferred to be tight to accentuate a muscular look.
  • Abdomen: A lean and “cut” look is what most men are going for to achieve a magazine-perfect six pack.

Considerations for Women

Women have very different goals than men. The average woman seeks a variety of things. The emphasis for most women is on looking feminine and maintaining a youthful appearance. Most aesthetic preferences are for a lean look but not an overly muscular one. Being overly muscular can be perceived as too masculine. Some of the considerations for women include:

  • Skin type: Women tend to have smaller pores and thinner skin. The difference in their skin type results in a need for extra attention to detail in regard to incisions and sutures. Female patients also need to make sure to hydrate their skin properly with recommended lotions or serums to ensure proper recovery.
  • Body proportion: Female clients usually prefer to have a thin waistline that is smaller in proportion than their hips. The goals for cosmetic procedures are very dependent on current fashion trends and each patient’s desired outcome.
  • Body shape: Again, the desired shape may change based on fashion, but most women strive to have a curvy s-shape that accentuates their feminine curves and fitness.
  • Chest: The preferences for chest size vary widely for women. Some women elect to have breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery based on their particular goals.
  • Fat: The ideal for most female patients has a greater emphasis on cellulite reduction and smooth skin throughout the body.

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With these goals in mind, many surgeons work to help their patients achieve the ideal body type. The look you desire may be different or the same. Make sure to discuss your goals and ideal look with your surgeon to get the best results from your cosmetic procedure.

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