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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY


Posted May 08, 2018 in Facial Fillers

Beautiful woman gets beauty facial injectionsThe aging process is notorious for causing facial skin to lose elasticity and volume over time. In response, many people look for ways to slow or reverse this process altogether to keep their skin looking fresh and youthful. An easy option requiring no surgery and minimal downtime are facial filler treatments. However, not all facial fillers are created equal, and a few do stand out from the crowd.


JUVÉDERM® is a family of FDA-approved injectable facial fillers used to add volume to the lips and cheeks in order to soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Hyaluronic acid, the substance used in the JUVÉDERM® fillers, is a naturally occurring substance in the body that begins to diminish as a person ages.

JUVÉDERM® treatments can take anywhere from five to 15 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. The treatment causes minimal pain and a topical anesthetic cream may be applied to the skin to reduce it even further. While there is no downtime following treatments, it is recommended that the patient reduces their exposure to the sun, avoids alcoholic beverages, and limits intense exercise during the first 24 hours following treatment. Depending on the specific treatment used and treatment area, results should last from six months to one year.


As the body ages, the cheeks naturally lose volume and flatten. This volume loss, referred to as age-related midface volume loss, gives the cheeks a sagging appearance. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC is the first ever injectable facial filler specifically designed for the cheeks. This specially formulated gel, consisting of a bacterial protein, is injected deep into the cheek area to add volume beneath the skin’s surface to provide lift and contour to the area.

This treatment is usually recommended for people 21 years and older. It is not recommended for people who have had a severe allergic reaction, or for anyone with an allergy to lidocaine or Gram-positive bacteria. Side effects are usually mild to moderate, lasting two to four weeks, and may include injection site redness, pain, swelling, tenderness, and bruising.


RADIESSE® is an FDA-approved cosmetic dermal filler used to treat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds. This filler uses microspheres composed of calcium hydroxyapatite, a substance found naturally in the bones and teeth, mixed in a gel-like solution that is injected into the soft tissues of the facial skin through a tiny needle under the skin.

The injection promotes collagen growth to plump the surrounding area. Treatment usually takes about 10 minutes in the doctor’s office, and results typically last between nine and 15 months. Some results may be permanent because the injected substance stimulates the patient’s own production of natural collagen. This treatment requires no downtime, and it is recommended that patients try to limit facial movement for the first few days.

Fat Transfer

Fat is extracted from the abdomen, thighs, hips, or other areas with excess fatty tissue via liposuction and then injected into the targeted area of the face. The fat transfer method fills out wrinkles and fine lines. While most fillers require no downtime, fat transfer usually requires one to two days of recovery. Unlike other fillers, the results of fat transfer fillers are considered permanent.

For more information about the different facial fillers offered or for a consultation, contact the office of Dr. Douglas A. Taranow at 212-772-2100.