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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY


Posted May 15, 2019 in CryoProbe™

Cryotherapy may bring up thoughts of futuristic technology involving steaming vats of colder-than-ice liquids, but the practice is currently being used to help treat several types of skin condition. Cryotherapy involves the use of extreme cold to freeze and slough off dead or lesioned skin. It can be a very effective, non-invasive way to treat conditions such as warts, skin growths, or lesions.

Dr. Taranow now offers CryoProbe™, a practical and safe way to remove bothersome skin lesions, at his office to treat several skin conditions. CryoProbe™ offers precise, specific treatment to remove skin lesions without causing damage to the surrounding skin. It can be a safe alternative for children or anyone who needs treatment for certain conditions, as it requires little preparation or aftercare and causes little to no discomfort.

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How CryoProbe™ Works

CryoProbe™ uses cartridges containing nitrous oxide, which is then applied to the lesion or affected area to make it reach below-freezing temperatures rapidly, resulting in the removal of the lesion. CryoProbe™ comes with several different applicators that can each be used to treat different-sized target sites. This results in a precise, delicate application that nonetheless works wonders at removing warts, growths, and other conditions.

CryoProbe™ does not require anesthesia and typically results in less scarring than other techniques, making it an ideal treatment option for children.

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What CryoProbe™ Treats

CryoProbe™ can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as:

  • Warts or verrucas
  • Unwanted skin growths
  • Molluscum contagiosum, or skin lesions in children
  • Pigmented spots or areas
  • Hemangioma, or red birthmarks

Patients should ideally be in good general health. Care should be taken around areas of very thin skin, such as the face, ears, and fingers. CryoProbe™ should not be used to treat melanoma or other skin cancer lesions.

Recovery and Results

One of the major benefits of CryoProbe™ is the ultra-fast recovery it offers. It’s described as a practically stress-free procedure, and patients can resume normal activities right after the procedure is done, including showering or swimming. The treated area will need some extra protection until it’s fully healed and caution with sun exposure is suggested. Results from CryoProbe™ treatment are permanent. While most areas respond well to a single treatment, some patients may require multiple treatments for chronic or recurring conditions.

CryoProbe™ can be a safe, effective, and quick way to get rid of unwanted and bothersome skin abnormalities to contribute to a more rejuvenated look. Dr. Taranow will work closely with you to examine what your skincare needs are and if CryoProbe™ is appropriate.

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