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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY


Posted October 04, 2017 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Liposuction, Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck

Becoming a mother is an indescribable experience that most women would love to accomplish in their lifetime. Although it is a blessing, pregnancy and childbirth can have its drawbacks. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can wreak havoc on the female figure. Some women will find that, even with diet and exercise, they can never regain their pre-pregnancy body. Loose, sagging breasts, weak abdominal muscles, and excess fat are all typical aftereffects of pregnancy for some women.

Thankfully, plastic surgery can help a woman reverse these effects. The Mommy Makeover procedure can be performed to transform a mother’s physique to help regain her pre-pregnancy body. Multiple procedures are available that can be performed to create a firmer, more youthful feminine physique.

Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos

Are you ready to get your body into pre-pregnancy shape? Here are some of your options.

Mommy Makeover Procedures

Depending on the severity of correction needed and the patient’s body and anatomy, one or a combination of the following procedures can be performed.

Breast Lift Surgery

Women who have lost breast tissue and have experienced sagging could achieve more youthful, lifted breasts with breast lift surgery. The procedure can be performed by making an incision around the areola, around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease, or around the areola extending vertically down to the breast crease and horizontally along the crease. Through the incision, excess fat, tissue, and skin can be removed, and the remaining skin and tissue are reshaped and lifted to a higher pectoral position.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

In addition to breast sagging, many women experience changes in the shape or size of their breasts. A breast augmentation can be performed by making an incision within the breast crease, around the areola, or through the armpit. Saline or silicone breast implants are inserted through the incision and placed below the pectoral muscle or above the pectoral muscle.


Many women find that pregnancy involves additional weight gain. Often, excess fat can be targeted using traditional weight loss methods and can improve the appearance of the body with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, some pockets of fat do not go away even with rigorous efforts. Liposuction can be performed to remove stubborn fatty tissue while sculpting the body and creating definition. Small, discreet incisions are made in the target area(s). A tumescent solution is injected through the incisions to help break up the fat before removal. A small, hollow tube (cannula) hooked up to a vacuum device is used to suction the fat and sculpt the body.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

The abdomen is one of the main areas that are affected following pregnancy. The abdominal area will stretch to make room for a growing baby, which can cause irreversible damage such as loose, hanging skin, weak abdominal muscles, and excess fat. Tummy tuck surgery can be performed to correct a protruding abdomen following pregnancy. An incision is made from hipbone to hipbone. Through the incision, excess skin, fat, and tissue are removed. The abdominal muscles are tightened, and the remaining skin is redraped over the newly shaped contours.

If you are interested in regaining your pre-pregnancy contours, Dr. Taranow can help you decide on the right Mommy Makeover procedure(s) for you! Schedule your consultation by calling (212) 772-2100 or by filling out our online contact form.