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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY

The Fix: What to Do When Surgery Goes Wrong

Posted November 14, 2019

Read time 5 minutes Plastic surgery is typically considered to be a tried and true way to get a better appearance. Millions of people go under the knife every year to enhance their bodies and faces, entrusting their fates to the surgeons performing these procedures. But unfortunately, bad plastic surgery happens, leaving patients with less-than-stellar […]

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All About Breast Implant Explantation

Posted October 08, 2019

3 min read As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. It might be strange to think this way of body parts, but cosmetic surgery has shown us we can modify and enhance nearly everything, especially the breasts. Breast augmentation is still the top cosmetic procedure, according to 2018 statistics from […]

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Breastfeeding and Breast Surgery

Posted August 01, 2019

Giving birth is truly one of the greatest human experiences. Bringing a child into this world transforms women from the inside, out. But those beautiful changes come with a price, especially for women’s bodies. Many women will find the most drastic changes have occurred to their breasts. Sagging or drooping is one common issue, but […]

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