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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY


Posted February 26, 2018 in Liposuction

Liposuction can be a minimally invasive way for people to lose a few inches of stubborn, unwanted fat and further define body contours. While not a substitute for exercise and healthy eating, it is an effective way of removing fat that is resistant to regular exercise.

Taranow Liposuction Before and After PatientLiposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure under sedation or general anesthesia. During your consultation prior to your procedure, you will discuss the target areas to be addressed and review where the incisions will be made. During your procedure, Dr. Taranow will make small incisions and then insert a cannula, or small tube, to suction your fat from the site. The incisions are closed with a single stitch. Recovery can be easy at any time of year; however, undergoing liposuction in the winter has numerous benefits over any other time of year.

Winter Clothing

The comfortable, loose clothing typically worn during the winter months, such as long sleeves, layers, and pants, offers many advantages for patients recovering from liposuction. Post-surgery, you will be given compression garments to wear to minimize swelling and help your body maintain its new contour. Winter clothing allows these compression garments to be concealed more easily. Additionally, you will be asked to avoid sun exposure—particularly at your surgical sites. Wintertime is excellent for covering the body from the sun because of fewer daylight hours and the clothing worn to keep you warm.

Time to Fully Recover Before Summer

Undergoing surgery during the winter gives your body plenty of time to recover before the summer months. After your procedure, you will likely experience swelling and bruising for a few weeks. Some soreness and discomfort will immediately follow the procedure, and it is advised that you rest and only engage in light activities for a couple of weeks. By carefully timing your surgery, you will give your body enough time to fully regain its shape and color before summer arrives. You won’t have to skip any summer activities to recover from your procedure.

Additional Time for Scars to Fade

Though incisions are small and minimal, there is always a chance that they will remain visible after the procedure. Incisions are placed in inconspicuous areas usually covered with minimal undergarments. Scars fade with time and given enough time, many are unnoticeable.

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