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Douglas A. Taranow, DO, FACOS

New York, NY


Posted July 20, 2015 in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is among the most popular and commonly performed plastic surgery procedures today – and it isn’t hard to see why. Implants are a safe, lasting and effective way to help you achieve the feminine figure you’ve always wanted. They can also help reconstruct the breasts and aid in emotional recovery following an injury, or an illness like breast cancer.

However, many women are filled with questions both before and after they make the decision to get implants. Will they be able to breastfeed their future children? What activities are no longer possible after implants? How can the patient best care for their implants to ensure they maintain their integrity over time? Let’s explore the answers to these questions and more.

Breast Feeding With Breast Implants

Perhaps the most common concern in regards to breast implants is whether or not a woman can safely breastfeed after receiving them. While many would-be mothers choose to wait until they’re finished having/nursing children before getting implants, breast implants, in most cases, will not interfere with the act of breastfeeding, as they are typically positioned underneath the chest muscles. Women who have their implants inserted via an incision underneath the breast are similarly unlikely to experience issues.

Typically, the only time breast implants might interfere with milk production is when nerve damage to the nipples has taken place. However, nerve damage as a result of implants is rare. Implants will likewise not interfere with the quality of a nursing mother’s milk. Even in the event a leak occurs, it is incredibly unlikely that it would affect the milk supply or harm the baby.

Other Considerations

In most cases, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the same activities you enjoyed before you got implants. Most women, once fully healed, are able to work out, be active, and exercise just as easily as before their procedure. If the implants are large, supportive bras and undergarments are recommended, just as they are for large natural breasts. Most patients find that life quickly resumes back to normal and that they are not even aware of their implants most of the time.

While women with implants should be aware that it may be more difficult to get traditional mammograms, special x-rays can be substituted which are just as effective. Just make sure your healthcare practitioner is aware of the fact that you have implants to ensure all proper measures are taken.

Breast Implant Aftercare

Women that have breast implants should monitor their breasts for signs that their implants could be damaged or due for replacement. If there are any noticeable changes, they should make an appointment for an evaluation. Those with silicone gel-filled implants should be sure to have an MRI scan performed once every three years following surgery (to scan for silent rupture).

However, it’s rare for modern breast implants to rupture or become damaged. Also, the likelihood of experiencing risks in general is quite low.

If you have any specific questions about breast implants or are considering the procedure and would like to learn more (Breast Augmentation and Implants), please ask in the form right here on this page.

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