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CryoProbe ™

Many people suffer from various skin disorders and lesions that may be both uncomfortable and upsetting. There are several techniques for lesion removal and treatment, but cryotherapy with CryoProbe™ is a practical, innovative approach that delivers optimal results with less hassle. There are no preoperative or postoperative measures required with treatment, making CryoProbe™ safe and comfortable for patients of all ages.


Concerns CryoProbe™ Can Address


CryoProbe™ is a safe and efficient method for treating bothersome and sometimes contagious skin lesions without damaging healthy tissue. As an evolutionary step up in cryotherapy technology, CryoProbe™ pinpoints dermatological concerns, such as:


Some skin imperfections do not pose any health risks, but they may cause a patient emotional distress. CryoProbe™ can delicately reduce or remove aggravating skin abnormalities with ease, improving skin texture and tone. This instrument treats a wide range of cosmetic skin concerns, such as:

Recovery and Results

After CryoProbe™ treatment, patients may resume their normal activities, including swimming and showering. The treated area must be protected from damage until fully healed to avoid infection and scarring. Cryotherapy with CryoProbe™ is considered permanent when treating most skin abnormalities, but repeat treatments may be required for certain chronic conditions, such as molluscum contagiosum.

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