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How much does a Brazilian Butt Augmentation cost?

THe cost of a Brazilian butt lift depend largely on the areas to be liposuctioned and the size of the patient. Generally speaking, it may start around $6000 and go up depending on the ares liposuctioned and the amout of fat to transfer. The most common areas are the sides and lower back with fat transfer to the upper, sides and central buttock.

Where can you take fat from for a butt augmentation?

Fat may be taken from almost any part of the body to augment the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift). The most common places are from the sides and lower back, and from the abdomen. These areas not only give you great fat to process for transfer to the buttocks, they also allow the plastic surgeon to reshape the buttocks. Taking away the excess fat from the hips and just above the buttocks makes it look better even before the fat is placed! Thihg fat, arm fat and even upper back fat may be used to transfer to the buttocks.

How can you tell if your silicone implant is leaking?

It is very difficult to tell if your silicone implant is leaking. The gold standard test is an MRI of the breasts. Many times, there are no physical signs of the silicone implant leaking. On physical examination, your plastic surgeon can often feel the edge of the intact silicone implant shell. The lack of this shell palpation does not rule in (or rule out) a leak. Not being able to palpate the shell of the implant may be a sign of leaking or just the thickness of local breast tissue obscuring the palpation of the implant. A sudden change in...

What is a Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

A Brazilian butt augmetnation is where fat is taken from almost anywhere else in the body, purified and reinjected into your buttocks to make it fuller and more shapely.

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